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Travel Program


Travel directors:

Rob Minsky
Kristen Nestico This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


You must have approval by a coach before registering in our program as a Travel Player


Use of Trainers:

Trainer’s Pass Policy & Procedure

Each soccer year (9/1 - 8/31) anyone who wants to train an OUSC team or players must provide certain credentials to OUSC. Each trainer must forward this information to the current Travel Director to become a club-approved trainer.

  • Proof of current risk management clearance. An email is sent to everybody who successfully passes ENY Risk Management.
  • Proof of liability insurance. If the trainer is a member of the NSCAA, that organization provides the trainer with proof of insurance.

Some trainers may hold valid ENYYSA Trainer passes, possession of this pass is proof of both Risk Management and Insurance. If your trainer has this pass, send a copy of that pass, both front and back. These passes require several levels of license; so many trainers will not have this pass. 


If your trainer does not hold this pass, they must provide the two documents described above. Additionally, they must provide their email address and phone number to be placed on our website along with their name as seen below. 


Any OUSC adult supervisor (coach) has Risk Management and Insurance as well and can simply send me an email and they will be approved. 


In order to train your team or players, your trainer must be approved by Travel prior to 9/1 though approvals will be done at any point during the soccer season. 


Please follow up with your trainer to make sure that all of the OUSC requirements which are designed to protect our players are submitted and approved on a timely basis. No exception will be made for any trainer that is not approved and listed on our website. 



The following trainers, and training organizations have successfully completed the approval process and OUSC "approved training status": 

Any carded coach can also train an OUSC Team. 

Brian Siergiej OUSC Coaches Pass
Pasquale Rizzi OUSC Coaches Pass
Jourdan Perez OUSC Coaches Pass
Boris Alvarez OUSC Coaches Pass
Igor Alvarez United Soccer Coaches Membership
Victor Colasacco OUSC Coaches Pass
Samantha Longo United Soccer Coaches Membership
Jason Alvarez OUSC Coaches Pass
Ashely Guerrero OUSC Coaches Pass
Anthony Echevarria United Soccer Coaches Membership
Carlos Palomo United Soccer Coaches Membership
Charlie Ledula Cosmos Federation 'C' License
Efrain Burgos Cosmos Federation 'C' License
Joe Pumo United Soccer Coaches Membership
Kai Fernandez United Soccer Coaches Membership
Kelly Manning United Soccer Coaches Membership
Lucio Sorto United Soccer Coaches Membership
Mike Briguglio OUSC Coaches Pass
Robert Tucker OUSC Coaches Pass
Tim Munzing United Soccer Coaches Membership
David Pinto OUSC Coaches Pass
Ari Bisk United Soccer Coaches Membership
Paul Roderick OUSC Coaches Pass
Olivia Czavar OUSC Coaches Pass
Eugene Gozley United Soccer Coaches Membership
Raphael Abreu United Soccer Coaches Membership
Ashley Ladner United Soccer Coaches Membership
Malissa Horan United Soccer Coaches Membership
Anthony Cestaro United Soccer Coaches Membership
Pedro Galvao Cosmos Federation "C" License


If your trainer, training organization is NOT listed above; they are NOT approved. There are NO exceptions to this policy as previously established by the OUSC Board of Directors. Only registered OUSC Travel players can use our fields for practice. The only exception to this rule is a team holding an open practice or a tryout. 


Please note: If you are found to have a Non-approved trainer attend, run a training session, or attend a team match condition (indoor league game or tournament, scrimmage, league or cup match), YOUR coaching privileges within OUSC are subject to immediate suspension and that trainer will not be able to return for the balance of that season. 


Club Rules regarding tryouts: 

Current OUSC teams U13+, that wish to hold tryouts must first contact Travel Directors, and then once we know, discuss with the coach, etc. we will confirm to OUSC's field scheduler so that you can contact him to reserve dates, and field time for your tryouts. 



ALL player movement will be decided by the Travel Directors PRIOR to any movement, tryout, player attending practice, etc. Players can NOT be released during the seasonal year without permission. 



Prospective player movement must conform with OUSC travel guidelines and ALL changes to roster will be reviewed and approved by Travel Directors PRIOR to submission to league for processing by OUSC travel registrar. Players can NOT be released during the seasonal year without permission. 



ALL player movement must conform with OUSC travel guidelines. Players can NOT be released during the seasonal year without permission. All movement must be discussed with the Travel Directors. 


All Age Groups 

Additions, deletions of adult supervisors (coaches) are to be discussed with Travel Directors PRIOR to submitting paperwork (Add/Delete form) to OUSC travel registrar. Any new coaches (adult supervisors) MUST also apply to, and clear the ENY Risk Management process before any pass will be issued. All new coaches must also read, acknowledge and sign a copy of the current OUSC Travel Coaches Code of Conduct and Travel Guidelines. 

Should you have any questions regarding the above, please feel free to contact the Travel Directors. 


Team Fundraising 

Any travel team that is interested in Fundraising must request permission from the OUSC Board of Directors prior to scheduling that event. Either visit one of our Board meetings on the 3rd Thursday of every month, or request it in writing to the travel directors.  Your teams name and a full description of the Fundraising idea along with dates must be given before it can be considered. 


Permission to Travel outside of the Tri-State area (NY-NJ-CT for a Tournament 

Permission to travel out of the Tri-state aread must be given prior to any OUSC Travel team attending that event. 

ENY (USYSA) does NOT require PTT for travel to a USYSA sanctioned event within Region 1 (Maine south to Virginia, West to Pennsylvania/W Va). The event can be unrestricted, or even dual-sanctioned event. However, IF the event is sanctioned by another US Soccer youth affiliate(s) ONLY, then YES PTT is required. 

You must ask permission either in person during one of our Board meetings on the 3rd Thursday of every month, or request it in writing to the travel directors. 


Inclement Weather Policy 

In the event that thunder is heard or lightning is sighted, all practices must be halted immediately for safety reasons. Players should be moved off the fields and the Parents if present should be instructed to return to their cars with their children. If the parents are not present then all players must be moved to a safe shelter. You must wait 30 minutes to see if the storm passes or not. PRACTICE MUST NOT RESUME until a full 30 minutes of time has passed with no Lightning or Thunder heard or seen. The safety of our players, parents and coaches is of the utmost importance to us. No practice is worth chancing injury or in a worst-case scenario, death. 

No place outside is safe when thunderstorms are in the area!! 


All coaches and assistant coaches must pass the Risk Management program before your team can be registered. Each coach should print the request for payment (on the Forms & Downloads page) and the approval to coach from risk management and turn it at registration and the club will reimburse your payment. 

Teams that have the first game of the day and open any box, MUST Close the lock back on the box as soon as they open it. The last team will have to reopen it before putting any equipment away. So if you have the last game be sure that you have your key. 

Laws of the Game

Travel Coaches Code of Conduct and Guidelines 

New Coaches scoring instructions 

LIJSL Coaches Responsibilities 

Club guest player pass policy.